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Lisa in front of The Huse-Skelly Gallery on beautiful Balboa Island, CA.

Lisa in front of The Huse-Skelly Gallery on beautiful Balboa Island, CA.

Lisa was born in Richmond, Virginia and grew up in Wauconda, Illinois. Using love and compassion, Lisa, as the oldest child of 5, (by 9 minutes) adores her siblings and cherishes their close bond. Lisa went on to study graphic design at Northern Illinois, and started her lifelong career in art. Right out of college, Lisa decided to travel the world as a flight attendant, until her first child and husband grounded her in Manhattan Beach, Ca. In that pretty little beach town, just south of LAX, Lisa started her first art business, Deux Brosses, a faux finishing and mural company. She quickly brought her twin sister, Lora, on board to ride the wave of art with her, and so they could raise their children together. After moving from Manhattan Beach to Santa Rosa, Ca, Lisa fell in love with fine art and plein air. First working with oils and settling on pastels as her favorite medium, Lisa started working under colorist, Camille Prezwodek, and taking her art education and abilities to higher levels. She has studied with some of the best Plein Air Artists in the country, including Ken Auster, Debra Huse, Kim Lordier, Clark Mitchell and many more. After a bit of a hiccup and her family home burning down in the Northern California wildfires of 2017, the Skelly family relocated to Newport Beach, Ca, and Lisa resumed her longtime love affair with the Pacific Ocean. This is where Lisa met and connected with Debra Huse, the founder of Debra Huse Studio Gallery. Debra and Lisa became fast friends and as kindred spirits they are sailing into the future together as partners of The Huse-Skelly Gallery. Lisa has always loved the beach and has been inspired by the beauty and power of the sea’s perpetual waves and motions. Her focus is mainly tubular, dude! Waves, waves, and did we say waves? Remember to love everyone you meet, and go get those feet sandy baby!

Lisa Skelly is the culmination of waves, art, and love painted through the lens of Lisa Skelly. Lisa is a Plein Air Pastel Artist. Currently, Lisa's love of waves manifests itself in her art. This website is a space for fellow ocean and art lovers to enjoy and purchase her work. The paradox of power and serenity contained in the oceans and Lisa's work have a relaxing and calming effect that she wishes to share with everyone in the world. Surf's Up!

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The Huse Skelly Gallery is celebrating 21 years of Plein Air Excellence.


The Fine Art of Lisa Skelly is available at The Huse Skelly Gallery on Balboa Island in Newport Beach.


"Why didn't I come here sooner?" — Hamlet Daily

"An unforgettable time that inspired a new relationship with the Art of Plein Air " — City Gazette

"No better way to spend a weekend than with good food and good friends and admiring beautiful art by some of the top Plein Air Artists in the country! " — Hicks Globe


Lisa painting en Plein Air in Monterey California

Lisa painting en Plein Air in Monterey California

Check out Lisa’s art in person at her Huse-Skelly Gallery on

Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California.


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“Instead of staying in a safe harbor,Set

sail to the ADVENTUROUS and WONDROUS oceans!”

-Bill Murray as Steve Zizzou